• Running a rust program as a secure systemd service

    Polkadot is an implementation of a node for the Polkadot network written in Rust. In this post, we’re going to go from an unbuilt codebase to a secure systemd service.

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  • TamuCTF writeups pt. 2

    This is a continuation of my last post, TamuCTF writeups pt. 1. If you’ve not read that yet, I suggest you do so. It took longer than I wanted to get the motivation to write up the 2nd part so without further delay, let’s get to the challenges, starting with pwn2.

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  • TamuCTF writeups pt. 1

    I enjoyed doing the first CTF write-up so I thought I’d try my hand at another. This CTF involved quite a wide array of different types of tests - I especially enjoyed the secure coding/config ones, which isn’t something I’ve experienced in a CTF before.

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  • SquareCTF 6yte writeup

    I should start this post by saying that I’m very new to CTFs, and even newer to reverse engineering. Since I’m currently blessed with an abundance of spare time I figured I may as well use it somewhat productively.

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  • First

    This is my first post to the blog. Nothing important to share, just simply posting to test the theme and a few other bits.